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i'm still learning and always trying to improve. i post a lot of references and tutorials here. keep working hard and never give up on your art!

[Illustration major freshman @ CCAD]

This was a project for my traditional illustration concepts class. We had to work in ink and make our favorite popstar’s personality apparent in the work. I tried to incorporate a crazy cute kind of feel; Kyrary is stepping out from KERA and onto an idolizing world. It was a lot of fun doing this and I actually really liked working in liquid ink!
In the background, there’s a shark and the chupucabra, since I read she likes both of those things. In the front, those are plums though it’s hard to tell… I read she likes pickled plums! I was going to have her astrological sign in space behind her, but i kind of forgot.. ;w;


deciding on their revamped outfits or w/e. I MEAN, THE ORIGINALS ARE FINE AND ALL. but the open tops are a little inconvenient haha. tho i did try to stick to their original attire! jace got an upgrade on armor [ur a knight buddy put on more armor >:0] and kole’s design p much stayed the same except his top [cover ur TUMMY BOY.]

:0 im drawing stuff off and on for them all.. wanna doodle the ladies too~ also on a side note, haha dang that would hurt like fuck if somebody yanked their eyebrow piercings off…

o lol and also my friend who’s played ascension said jace is a total closet  case. haha i dunnooo about that but it’s kinda funny to think about! maybe more like “mancrushing” on people [like diego once prolly haha]. and heights??? idk. i kinda see it going from [tallest-shortest] : kole, felafel, zandamn, juice and then aideen. tho prolly not too much of a height gap.. :o hhmm not much of an adequate height diff here but w/e.


soon to be more but uh… i played the ascension game and was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was! but i uh… im a big fat homo gay so… aida… aidan… whateeeever. :, )

i think zander and kole would really be the only two romance options for aidan tho, but thats alright! theyre both real cute : > BUT i uh.. im fixing their outfits. all of them. they’re impractical and although nice to look at [kinda] theyre really dumb and not protective. just minor changes but.. yeah..

still coloring this but my first doodly of aidan,


haha not much different than my aida since i had her with short hair. :>


gaia shit again

gaia freeb shit lol