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art blog for infernalprincipality@tumblr.

i'm still learning and always trying to improve. i'll post a lot of references and tutorials here. keep working hard and never give up on your art!

Do people ever art trade over tumblr?? Man I want art but I don’t wanna pay ahaha and getting art on gaia is hella tough. Do any of you tumblr artists like art trades?? Would you be willing to art trade with me?

quick painting practice on sai. :,D look, a (kinda) background! the light source is real iffy, i’ll try to do better next time.
blue’s marian and my warden. :3 hero slumber party

this is a wip for a project in PCT class. idk how the heck to digital paint BUT IM TRYIN’. also the subject i chose is emotionally compromising me.
Anonymous said: what is tegaki ?



YES LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT. It’s what got me started, how I discovered ~tablets~ (I still have my first Bamboo), and how I met a bunch of cool people (that are largely on Tumblr now). 

Tegaki E is a drawing applet based on its Japanese counterpart/TegakiJ. It has no layers, no eyedropper tool, no redos, everything is handdrawn/written, and if your browser is of the uncooperative kind and crashes and you didn’t get to save, you lose everything. It’s beautiful. 

tegaki has a special place in my heart. the part where i love it and owe many of my friendships to it, but also would like to rip a wet fart on its pillow if it were a person.

monster boy Null. he’s been floating around in my head for a while now.

He looks emaciated but he’s actually pretty sturdy/strong. One eye is gone, and it bleeds a slow but constant rate. He has to carry around tissues to make sure it doesn’t get everywhere. He doesn’t have a mouth on the outside, but if he gets hungry/angry the flesh around his mouth area will part (in a really horrifying manner) and reveal rows of sharp teeth. Null like cute things and wishes he could make friends but everyone gets scared when they see him, so he blogs a lot. Haha I’ll probably make a blog for him just for fun!

Personality; Null is awkward and skittish, but really bubbly online. He’s polite and uses a lot of cute emoticons. I guess he’s probably eighteen or something!

idk school doodles